Resistance bands are perfect for training outdoors, at home, in the office, on vacation or anywhere. They are compact and easy to store. You are not limited to one muscle group when performing resistance band exercises. You can make a full body workout just with a resistance band because the resistance level is adjustable with the different colors of the bands. It's a amazing sports equipment and excellent for toning, building or sculpting your body.

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What are the different types of resistance for these elastic bands?

It is important to know that there are different types of elastic bands bodybuilding and different brands whose resistance can vary from very low to very strong (4kg to 20kg for example) according to a specific color code.

What exercises with the mini resistance band? 
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    Upper body exercises
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      Lower body exercises
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        resistance exercise with elastic | leg exercise with elastic | exercise with elastic bandBiceps Curl
          1. Lower into a kneeling position with the RIGHT foot in front and the LEFT knee on the mat.
          2. Place one end of the band under the arch of your front foot.
          3. Grasp the other end of the band with your RIGHT hand and place your RIGHT elbow on your front thigh.
          4. Start with your arm extended towards the floor and your palm facing the center.
          5. Use your biceps to pull the band up and curl your arm straight up. 
                   Do 15 reps, and repeat on the left.
            triceps exercise with elastic | build muscle with rubber bandsTriceps pulled down
              1.  Standing with feet apart, hold the elastic band in your RIGHT hand, then cross your hand over your LEFT shoulder.
              2. Keep your RIGHT hand anchored to the shoulder while holding the other end of the band in your LEFT hand.
              3. Use your triceps to pull the band down, away from your shoulder.
              4. Make sure you squeeze the back of your arm tightly. Then, controlling, bring it back to your shoulder.
                        Repeat the operation 15 times before changing sides.
                pectoral muscles with elastic | reinforcement with elastic | elastiband bodybuilding exercisePressure on the chest
                  1. Start standing up and put your left arm through the band and put one end around the back of your shoulder.
                  2. Raise your RIGHT hand to cut off the top of your shoulder and hold the band in place.
                  3. Grasp the other end of the band with your LEFT hand and lift your elbow out to the side to shoulder height.
                  4. Your elbow should be bent about 90 degrees with the palm facing down.
                  5. Keep your shoulder steady by using your chest and arm muscles to press down on the band and straighten your arm.
                  6. While maintaining control, bend your arm inward, making sure your elbow does not drop.
                  7. Your arm should be parallel to the ground all the time.
                           Do 15 reps, then switch sides.
                    exercises with elastic fitness | lady shape beauty training band | the strength of rubber bandsSide pulled down
                    1. Stand up straight, abs tight, tucked in, and feet hip-width apart.
                    2. Place the band around your wrists and spread your arms out above your shoulders, palms facing forward.
                    3. Pull your elbows down from the waist, widening the band and pulling it behind your head.
                    4. Make sure you engage your shoulder blades and pull them down your back, focusing on using your back muscles.
                              Do 15 repetitions.
                    1. Standing with your feet hip-width apart and abs engaged, place the band around your forearms, near your elbows.

                    2. Keep your arms bent at 90 degrees and bring them straight in front of you, so that your elbows are shoulder-width apart.

                    3. Squeeze your shoulder blades and open your arms wide into the goal post position, stretching the band across your chest.

                    4. Slowly bring your arms back and repeat the operation 15 times. Remember: Remember to keep your shoulder blades down, and really squeeze them together.